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Don't Sit On Your Ideas…
Khyati Sehgal

Khyati Sehgal

Khyati is a technology expert at VenturePact, helping businesses find premium software firms to develop their products and scale their teams. If you have any questions about outsourcing your next technology project Khyati is happy to help.

Google Analytics Hacks You Wished You Knew Earlier

The social media is a translucent behemoth that continues to overwhelm digital marketers since it became popular a few years ago. The return on social media marketing is not so easy either, mostly because we don’t really know what tools to use. As the Internet’s role in marketing grows, quantifying social media ROI is becoming essential. [...]

17 Min Read

14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress

WordPress is about 11 years old and it is the most successful content management systems (CMS) in the world today. Initially, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little founded the platform to render an easy blogging experience. However, over the time its developer community expanded its functionality to support the development of complex websites, [...]

2 Min Read

5 Reasons Why Enterprise B2B Companies Cannot Survive without a Great Digital Customer Experience – Guest Blog

Having a great product or service is a good start, but it’s not enough to keep your audience engaged in today’s competitive digital marketplace. For your business to survive, you need a great digital customer experience to add to your product. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before B2B consumers start flocking to competitors in [...]

18 Min Read