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How to Keep Up with Android Updates?

Let’s admit it, Android updates are unpredictable and messy. So, as an Android app developer, keeping with Android updates in its large unfragmented market is a big challenge. Google has no direct control over its firmware. As soon as OEMs get hold of a new Android OS, they tweak it to fit their respective products and then the final product [...]

How to Not Get Left Behind with the Latest iOS Updates?

If you’re building an iOS app, you probably know how challenging it can get to keep up with latest iOS updates. Apple makes carefully planned moves. First it introduced the auto-layout, then the large screen and now the two-factor authentication. So when Apple doubles down on technology, you better pay attention. Imagine this, your app survived [...]

Innovation in Hotel: How IoT improves Hospitality

How IoT works? Internet of Things has varied applications and use cases. Hotels can use this technology to provide integrated services like tablet controlled devices and automatic triggers like room curtains opening when guests walk in. IoT can be used to enhance in-room experiences and also to create interactive features at common areas. [...]