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Don't Sit On Your Ideas…

Don't Sit On Your Ideas…


VenturePact Cofounder Randy Rayess at Wharton / UPenn Technology Entrepreneurship Club

Saket ShuklaSaket Shukla

Innovator Breakthrough Award

The VenturePact team is pleased to announce that VenturePact was named the finalist at the Marcum Innovator of the Year awards. The Marcum Innovator of the Year Awards were formed to honor entrepreneurship and innovation in the Greater Philadelphia marketplace. Marcum Innovator of the Year celebrates those companies that blaze a trail in [...]

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Beware of Tech Discrimination

The first speaker at a tech conference takes the stage and says that “you should never hire your friends”. He then tells the audience “It’s hard to be the boss – you will end up treating your friends differently from other employees.” The second speaker comes up, and says that the best thing he did was [...]

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Why Do Outsourcing Projects Fail Most Of The Time?

The main reason offshore outsourcing projects is viewed negatively is that many companies have lost both time and money when they have outsourced to an offshore firm. Because of a negative experience, many advise friends and colleagues not to outsource their development offshore. These experiences perpetuate the notion that outsourcing [...]

4 Min Read

Why Should A Business Outsource?

Today, outsourcing business needs is common place at both the start-up and enterprise level . There are many reasons why both types of companies should consider outsourcing. Focus on Core Competency It can be difficult for a company to do everything in house as resources and labor hours are often scarce. At times, it doesn’t make [...]

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What Is The Best Country To Outsource To?

It is difficult to select a single country as the “best” place to outsource to as it depends on the specific project and each company’s preferences. Important criteria to consider are: 1. Your location 2. Your budget 3. The project you plan to outsource Each country has both great and weak talent. Of course some [...]

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How Can I Find Developers To Build My Idea?

You have a great idea. You know you need developers to make it come to life. But how do you go about finding quality talent? Taking your idea from concept to viable product can often pose a struggle when sourcing technical talent. Before beginning your search for a great development firm, it is helpful to understand: Your budget and [...]

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