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10 Actionable E-books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

Are you looking for solid actionable resources with great tips that will help your entrepreneurial journey? In this post, I have listed 10 ebooks which combine opinions and experiences of industry leaders and are a must-read for every entrepreneur. Have a look.

1. Intercom on Product Management:

Intercom on Product Management

By compiling Intercom’s best content on project management, this ebook is aimed at making product managers’ life simpler. It deals with various touch points of a product lifecycle, including evaluating the product, adding new features, and putting these features to use. Here’s what Basecamp Product Manager Ryan Singer has to say about this publication, “This book gives you the tools to decide which features to improve, which features to ignore, and how to better address your customers.”The book is available in epub, kindle and PDF formats.

Author(s): Des Traynor, John Collins

This book can be downloaded free of cost here.

2. An Introduction to Inbound Marketing Analytics:

Introduction to Inbound Marketing Analytics

This free e-book from HubSpot highlights some important inbound marketing metrics and tips to improve and optimize your marketing initiatives. The book can prove to be a beneficial aid in analyzing key marketing channels like business blog, social media, website, landing pages, email marketing and search engine optimization.

Author(s): HubSpot

Download the ebook free of cost here.

3. Beginner’s Guide to Link Building: 

The Beginner's Guide to Link Building

New to the SEO world? This ebook by SEOMoz won’t let you feel left out. Focussed on the art of link building, this PDF guide walks you through the basics while revealing important link building metrics and tactics. This guide also gives you a sneak peek into advanced link building tips and tricks. A must-read for young entrepreneurs who are just getting started in the digital space.


Download a free copy here.

4. The Advanced Guide to SEO: 

Advanced Guide to SEO

If you already know the basics of search engine optimization and are now planning to go into extensive details, this guide by Neil Patel is your go-to resource. This ebook is a compilation of the most extensive SEO techniques and actionable tips to implement them to improve the traffic, rankings and performance of your site. From link building, mobile search, site speed and, Neil has got it all covered.

Author(s): Neil Patel

This guide is available here.

5. Outsourcing 101: How, When and Where to Outsource? 

Outsourcing 101 - How When and Where to Outsource

Whether you are planning to start an IT venture or looking at hiring a development team for your existing firm, this downloadable ebook from VenturePact will help you plan and communicate better with development teams. A culmination of VenturePact’s experiences with global software projects, this guide helps you decide whether outsourcing is right for you, helps select the right developers, draft contracts, and avoid common outsourcing pitfalls.

Author(s): VenturePact

A free copy of this ebook can be downloaded here.

6. Smart Guide to Lead Generation: 

Smart Guide To Lead Generation

Download this ebook by HubSpot today to learn all about generating high quality leads for your business. This 42-page guide reveals the recipe of best lead-generating content, secret of killer landing page performance, tips for creating offers that no one can ignore and awesome A/B testing tips.

Author(s): Jessica Meher

Get a copy of lead generation guide here.

7. The Ultimate Startup Guide to Outbound Sales:

Ultimate Guide to Outbound Sales has drafted this ebook to acquaint you with all the techniques you should know to successfully sell your product to businesses. Get ready from some actionable advice from Steli Efti, Co-Founder and CEO, who has authored this book to simplify your learning curve as a marketer – by providing maximum learning in minimum time. Templates, strategies, scripts, cold calling tips, qualifying prospects, using references the right way – this book has it all to be rightly called the ultimate guide to outbound sales.

Author(s): Steli Efti

Buy this guide here.

8. Customer Analytics – How Analyzing Real People will Improve Your Business:

Customer Analytics Ebook

Among a host of other ebooks published by KissMetrics, this guide is focussed at giving entrepreneurs a better insight into customers’ minds. This ebook helps you find the right people, teaches you how to take advantage of segmentation, tells you how to find and use actionable data. If you are looking at gaining real-time insights about customer behaviour – this ebook can be a good read.

Author(s): KissMetrics

Get your PDF here.

9. Driving Success Through Social Media Ads: 


Whether you’ve just started in the social space or are a pro, this ebook by Dave Kerpen will help you understand the social media landscape in depth. With this guide you’ll learn how to perform social media audit, create and format a successful campaign, advertise your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and optimize your campaign efforts.

Author(s): Dave Kerpen

Download your free copy today.

10. The Predictable Revenue Guide to Tripling Your Sales:

The Predictable Guide to Tripling Your Sales

Get your hands on this ebook by SaaStr which compiles together ideas which led to over $1 Billion in added revenue for! This book has been co-authored by Jason Lemkin, Managing Director, Storm Ventures who led his company, EchoSign, to $100 Million + in revenue.

Author(s): Aaron Ross, Jason M. Lemkin

Get your PDF plus app recommendations, private case studies and other exclusive extras here.

This was my list of favorite business reads. Now it’s your turn. Let us know about your favorite ebooks below and how they have inspired you as an entrepreneur.

CoFounder at VenturePact Passionate about software, marketplace startups & remote work. Previously at SilverLake Partners, Ampush and Wharton.