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10 Tips for Successful Scrum Implementation – Infographic

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

The beginnings of today’s project execution techniques lie in the waterfall-ish approach to software development assignments where one team’s output was another team’s input. This batch based assembly line approach gave way to modern project management, which looks at cutting down the idle time for each of the teams by making the entire process simultaneous.

As the market became more competitive, business owners began to look at optimizing their software development projects. This was the motivation behind the inception of the concept of agile development and is perhaps the reason why a lot of companies started to ‘go agile’. Agile methodology has also seen a lot of improvements in its cycle, leading to a leaner, more efficient methodology called Scrum. Even though Scrum is a lightweight process framework, it still needs the right kind of skill sets to handle it efficiently. Here we present ten tips to implement Scrum successfully within your project. How many of them were you already aware of? Let us know.

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