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14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

WordPress is about 11 years old and it is the most successful content management systems (CMS) in the world today. Initially, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little founded the platform to render an easy blogging experience. However, over the time its developer community expanded its functionality to support the development of complex websites, thus making it a full-swing content management system. And today, with over 100 downloads a day, this much-loved CMS powers over 74.6 million websites including The New York Times, CNN and Mashable to name a few. The friendly interface and a host of plugins make WordPress the most dependable CMS available in the marketplace. Besides, 25% of WordPress users make a full-time living out of it!

What makes WordPress a favorite amongst other content management systems is its simple and user-friendly interface, a huge support community, and an extensive web library of which features 43,894 plugins with 1,230,519,862 total downloads! What’s more? Only 286 people at WordPress make this happen! Surprised? Wait until you read more of such surprising statistics about WordPress in this infographic. We share 14 things that you probably didn’t know about your favorite CMS. Read on and we’re sure you’ll think about switching to WordPress at least once, if you already haven’t!

An eye-opener, right? So share it right away with fellow WordPress users and those you think should start loving the platform already.


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