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4 Facts That Will Convince you to Consider Outsourcing

Pratham MittalPratham Mittal

Outsourcing has become the norm. In fact, it’s pretty much changed the way business is done these days. After identifying essential and non-essential functions, companies have realizedthat contracting out the latter the latter to reliable partners, while focusing their energy on the most essential functions is the best strategy.

However, there are those that are still sitting on the fence, not entirely convinced that software outsourcing is for them. If you happen to belong to this group, these facts should hopefully help you understand the benefits of outsourcing and recognize how it can add value to your business.

Many startups have successfully addressed these problems and outsourced their product development efforts to software development firms. Take for example Fab rapidly scaled its engineering team to 300 engineers by initially working with and eventually acquiring a software development firm in India.

 “A large part of our success has been due to the technology team at True Sparrow” – Jason Goldberg CEO,

Echoing similar sentiment is AppSumo that built their first version of the product over record time with an outsourced team in Pakistan. The team has stuck with them till today.

“We were able to build the core product in one weekend, using an outsourced team in Pakistan” – Noah Kagan CEO, AppSumo

Software development, if outsourced right, can help startups and businesses tackle many of the above problems. Hiring a freelance developer or a software development firm can help companies iterate on software and reduce costs while focusing on their core competency.

To know more about how contracting out some processes can help your company and to get a comprehensive insight on how to do it the right way, feel free to download our ebook Outsourcing 101. A comprehensively put together outsourcing guide, it includes advice on all things related to getting software development outsourced. It’s handy to have it by your side and the best part is, it’s free!

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Pratham Mittal is a Co-Founder at VenturePact and an angel Investor to B2B tech start-ups. He is passionate about globalization, outsourcing, and technology.