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4 Practical Reasons Why Companies Outsource

Pratham MittalPratham Mittal

Outsourcing is fast emerging as a global trend, and for good reason too. Companies, irrespective of their size and specialization,are embracing the new style of doing business because of the many benefits it brings.

Let us understand why companies are choosing to outsource to different countries.

1. Cost Advantage

By outsourcing, you can save money because you only pay for the work done instead of having to hire people full time for temporary work. Also, if you leverage global talent you can hire a team that lives in an area with a lower cost of living and therefore pay lower rates.

2. Access to Experts

In addition to cost benefit, you will also get better expertise as long as you properly select a team to work with. Outsourcing is based on getting specialists to do all your non-core tasks. You will not be restricted to choosing people near your office and can get access to experts sitting in any part of the globe.

3. Increased Overall Efficiency

As everyone focuses on tasks that they specialize in, the overall performance of the company improves. If properly managed, the work is done faster and better. As a business you can focus on your core competency.

4. Ability to scale

If you find a great outsourced partner, then you can scale your operations through your partner. Instead of having to hire and manage a much larger team in house, a lot of your non core operations can scale with your outsourced partner, while you can keep your company lean and focused.

These are some of the key reasons that encourage companies to outsource their work. To understand the advantages and processes of outsourcing, download our ebook Outsourcing 101 absolutely free.

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Pratham Mittal is a Co-Founder at VenturePact and an angel Investor to B2B tech start-ups. He is passionate about globalization, outsourcing, and technology.