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5 Best Task Management Software: Comparison and Reviews – Guest Blog

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

Do you still rely on your pencil and paper sheet to check off throughout your day drawing little boxes? Fed up with being unable to sync up your to-do list with the schedule? Would you like to develop a task manager software? There is a better way than keep on writing the same tasks over and over again.

We introduce the list of best task management software. The main aim is to reveal whether top task management software is able to provide features and functionality it claims. We will stress out some of the main misses and hits to determine a winner as well as give developers a hint on how to make a custom task management software taking into account common issues. Let’s get started.

Centrallo App

Every time you come up with an idea to build a task management software, you need to have a clear understanding of what functions and features it will provide. Developers may follow the example of Centrallo software that claims to centralize users’ lives.

The idea of application is rather simple. It lets you indicate the main priorities among the tasks and lists of tasks you have. Centrallo is actually a modified version of Evernote featuring a better functionality and more tools to deal with your busy schedule.


Misses: App

Developers who are eager to create a custom task management software that will have a success among users, should think of options and functions that will let users handle various tasks with ease. They may include reminders, alarm notifications when the task is about to be missed, labels, unlimited lists and many more.

All these features have been successfully implemented in The application can boast a friendly and intuitive interface. It is a good choice as for the reliable day task organizer.



MeisterTask App

The application is a clone of the same software it supplies to Apple. Although they are 100% similar featuring simplicity combined with functions and aesthetic, the application still has some slight pitfalls. The main advantage of the software is its simplicity. You may learn how to use the app within a couple of minutes without having necessary experience. Users will also benefit from free Drive and GitHub integrations.



Pintask App

Pintask will be a good substitution for another recognizable task management software also known as Trello. You can use the app to get in touch with your due dates, reminders and attachments. You will always be aware whether you stick to the budget and complete all your tasks by the deadline. The application is 100% customizable thanks to accessibility of add-on extensions letting you reduce task management software development cost.



Todo Cloud App

All the above-mentioned apps do lots of things. On the other hand, a selection of features is not exactly some users seek for. Some of them call for simplicity and handy tool to handle their to-do list. Todo Cloud may appear to be a good alternative to all those more complicated applications.

Here users have all necessary functions in one place able to cope with creating tasks, ordering them by labels, set dates and deadlines. What else do you need to handle your tasks? Set priorities and stay focused on the task you need to complete by the end of the day with the help of the app.



Final Word

Here we are, with the list of Top 5 task manager software. If any of the above-mentioned do not suit you, feel free to chance it and develop your own app. It is always better to implement your own ideas and build your own unique products. The cost of software development from scratch may depend on different factors, software complexity and features you want to implement, but usually initial version varies from $10,000 to $30,000. Learn more at



My name is Vladimir Sidorenko. I’ve been programming since I can remember myself. Got first programming job in 2006, founded my web development company in 2012. I’m interested in new opportunities and challenging projects in web development. I’m especially passionate about creating tools that help people improve their work, such as task management systems, automated schedules, time tracking systems, planning and prognosis tools.

CoFounder at VenturePact Passionate about software, marketplace startups & remote work. Previously at SilverLake Partners, Ampush and Wharton.