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5 Companies that Develop Great Mobile Apps

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

Finding the right mobile development partner can be a challenge, especially when you’re building an app for the first time. Here is a list of top 5 mobile app development firms verified by VenturePact that build great mobile applications.

  1. Jera Design

    Jera specializes in developing computer vision apps for the iOS platform (iphone applications). They have developed several vision apps for the iPhone including WristVision, ResistorVision, CVFunHouse, Suggestifier, and MultiTimer.

    Daybook by Jera

    Portfolio: You can view Jera’s work here.

  2. OAB Studios

    OAB Studios helps businesses with their mobile strategy, design and development. From helping you define your mobility goals and creating awesome mobile experience to development, quality assurance, integration and deployment of apps OAB Studios aids businesses in end to end mobile development.

    Portfolio: Here’s some amazing work done by OAB Studios.

  3. Burnside Digital

    Burnside Digital renders cloud, mobile and web development services. As a part of their 3-step process, they help businesses pick and brainstorm ideas, develop and test prototypes, and deploy native and hybrid mobile apps. They’ve built many great apps like City Eats, Epocrates, Clibe, and JuntoBox Films.

    Clibe by Burnside Digital
    Portfolio: See Burnside Digital’s portfolio here.

  4. TopTier Labs

    If you have an app idea, TopTier Labs can bring it to life for you. They are known for building amazing apps for Android and iOS devices using state of the art technology, ultra-light code, and alluring design. TopTier Labs has developed apps for firms like KIA, FS Studio, MallMatte and CloudSway.

    Curso De Ingles by Top Tier Labs

    Portfolio: Here’s a sneak peek into TopTier Labs’ work

  1. Arkenea Technologies

    Famous for developing award winning apps, Arkenea Technologies is Silicon Valley’s premier mobile application development company. The app development team at Arkenea builds mobile apps with engaging UI and killer designs. They’ve delivered high performance apps for Warner Bros., Glenn Harrold, Canvsly and Sleep Easily.

    Canvsly App

    Portfolio: You can explore Arkenea’s work portfolio here.

These are 5 of VenturePact’s approved mobile application development firms. If you too have worked with top mobile app development firms or are one yourself, do let us know in the comments section below.

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