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6 Apple Watch Features which Make it a Breakthrough User Interface

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

When the concept of smartwatch was relatively new in the market, consumers had little idea of what to expect. However, with several Android based smartwatches now competing for supremacy in the supposedly promising sector, we have a fair idea about their offerings.

Apple claims the Watch to be their most personal device yet and it’s hard to argue on that front. The Apple Watch is a beautifully crafted device jam packed with features and functionality. Unlike most smartwatches that run on Google’s Android Wear, the Apple Watch is a pleasant change.

Let’s explore some features that aptly illustrate why the Apple Watch is the perfect blend of technology and fashion:

The Taptic Engine, fitted inside the Apple Watch, produces adaptive haptic feedback. In simpler words, it taps you on the wrist whenever you receive a notification or alert, or press down on the display.

The Taptic Engine makes one-to-one communication feel like a breeze. You can communicate with friends and family effortlessly with the help of simple gestures.

With a quick glance you can check to see if you have any reminders, messages or emails that you may have. All the relevant information is displayed on the watch dial itself.

Most of our actions on smartphones involve simple hand movements. But is that feasible on the Apple Watch?You cannot pinch to zoom an image on such a small screen, right? Well, you don’t need to.

The Digital Crown comes to your rescue here.This intuitively designed Crown is one of the stand-out features of the Apple Watch. It lets you zoom or scroll quickly and precisely, without obstructing the display. The Crown also acts as the home button; press it and you can come back to the home screen.

The Apple Watch, like the new MacBook Pro features force touch technology which adds a new dimension to the user interface. Force touch makes use of tiny electrodes around the gorgeous Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press on the screen.

Pressing the screen firmly, when in apps like Messages, Music and Calendar, brings up additional controls. It also lets you select different watch faces, pause or end a workout, navigate Maps for an address and much more.

Apple is known to pay special heed to the UI and design of its devices. And the Apple Watch is a perfect example of this. It feels amazing and it looks even better! With 3 variants of the Apple Watch, you can choose the one that suits you best!

  1. The Standard Apple Watch: Standard Stainless Steel or Space Black Stainless Steel case and 3 stylish straps to choose from.
  2. The Apple Watch Sport: Cases made from lightweight anodised aluminium in silver and space grey. The display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass and you get to choose from 5 different straps.
  3. The Apple Watch Gold Edition: The Case is crafted from 18-carat gold and the display is protected by polished Sapphire crystal.

The Apple Watch describes your all-day activity in detail. Over time, the watch learns your activity and fitness levels and uses the information to suggest personalized activity goals on a daily basis. It also gives custom reminders to encourage you to achieve them and attain the required fitness level.

During a rigorous workout, the Workout app built into the Apple Watch shows real-time stats like elapsed time, distance covered, calories burned and speed.In addition to all of this, the Apple Watch also features a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer.

Apple Pay is undoubtedly the next big thing. It was announced with the simple idea of changing the way you make purchases with breakthrough contactless payment technology.

If you’re checking out from a grocery store, for instance, all you need to do is double click the side button and hold the face of your Apple Watch up to the contactless reader. A gentle tap and beep confirm that your payment information has been sent successfully.

Setting up your credit/debit account on the Apple Watch is fairly simple. All you need to do is open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select the ‘Passbook and Apple Pay’ option. Then tap on ‘Add a Credit or Debit card’ and follow the on-screen instructions. Needless to say, all payments made via Apple Pay are secure and the purchases are kept private.

These features make the Apple Watch what it is – a technological marvel designed to change long-held user perception about smartwatches.

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