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9 Innovative Mobile Apps You’d Love to Know About

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

This post rounds up the 9 most innovative mobile apps which are benefiting consumers with new levels of convenience, value and functionality.

1. Be My Eyes

If we were to name a few powerful apps actually improving people’s life in meaningful ways, Be My Eyeswould top the list. This micro-volunteering app connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. Volunteers get a notification when someone needs help, and a live video connection is established. Through this live video a volunteer can then answer all questions the blind person may have.

Download it Here: iOS, Android (Coming Soon)

2. Assistant

Named as a Top 10 Android App of the Year by New York Times, Assistant is the highest rated speaking personal assistant for your smartphone. This app uses natural language technology to find information, answer questions, launch apps, set alarm and access various web services for you. Plus, the in-built avatar builder allows you to choose what your assistant looks like.

Download it Here: Android

3. Lock Me Out

Want to relish some device-free, distraction-free time? Download the Lock Me Out app which locks you out of your device for a specified time period. This is how it works – first you set a PIN which’ll unlock your device after the lockout period. Once locked, the app will change this PIN to some random number through the lockout period and change it back to original once the lockout period is over.

Note: You can still make emergency calls, use the camera and other lock screen widgets while you’re locked out.

Download it Here: Android

4. Word Lens

Now available as a part of Google Translate, Word Lens is a powerful application which translates any sign/text into your chosen language by using phone camera. No internet/data connection required; simply point your camera to a sign or text and the app will automatically translate it for you.

Download it Here: iOS, Android

5. CamMe

Named as the Most Innovative App at the Mobile World Congress 2014, CamMe is a selfie app which utilizes hand gestures. Simply raise your hand, make a fist (triggers a three-second shutter time) and take a selfie from up to 16 feet away without even touching your device.

Download it Here: iOS

6. Cardiograph

Cardiograph is your personal health assistant which uses the phone camera and a dedicated sensor to measure your heart rate just like professional medical equipments! You can record your results and save them for future reference. You can also track results for multiple people with individual profiles.

Download it Here: Android, iOS

7. Gravity Screen – On/Off

Unable to lock your phone’s screen due to a broken power button or a hard to reach lock key? Try the Gravity Screen app. This innovative smartphone application automatically turns off your screen when you put the phone in your pocket or on a table, and turns it on when you pull it out or pick it up. Isn’t that smart?

Download it Here: Android

8. PhotoMath

Have a math teacher in your pocket with the PhotoMath app. This smart camera calculator helps you solve almost any mathematical problem instantly. Simply point your camera towards the problem and PhotoMath will instantly display the solution. The app currently supports basic functions like fractions, algorithms, arithmetics, linear equations and decimals.

Download it Here: Android, iOS

9. SoundHound

SoundHound is the ultimate musical experience app which identifies the music playing around you and helps you see lyrics, buy song, share, stream or simply explore more about the song’s artists. Besides, this is the only app which supports sing and hum search. This means you can look up a song on SoundHound by singing or humming into it.

Download it Here: Android, iOS

Did we miss out on your favorite app? Which app according to you is the most innovative and why – let us know in the comments section.

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