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How Can I Find Developers To Build My Idea?

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

You have a great idea. You know you need developers to make it come to life. But how do you go about finding quality talent?

Taking your idea from concept to viable product can often pose a struggle when sourcing technical talent. Before beginning your search for a great development firm, it is helpful to understand:

There is a wide range of tech talent available around the world. Your maximum budget relative to your scope of work will constrain your decision. Enterprises and firms with larger budgets relative to their scope of work should focus on firms with relevant experience that have worked in the same industry and are located in the same time zone, preferably even in the same city. The higher budget provides a firm with a wide pool to select from and therefore they can be more selective and add constraints such as firms that have built software for the same consumer segment, have built similar types of technology or understand the local regulatory environment. Strict budget requirements relative to the scope of work will limit the talent firms can choose from a region with lower cost of living including South America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. One key difference between these regions is their time zone. Firms in the US looking to work closely with the developers, would prefer development firms in South America because they are in the same time zone. Companies looking to provide 24/7 maintenance will look to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia as the time zone difference provides an advantage here.

When selecting a firm within a region it’s important to apply your key decision criteria, which may be a firm that specializes in design, or computer vision or wearable technology or has relevant experience. Once the search has been constrained to a more manageable set of options then you must review the development firm’s past portfolio, past client reviews and assess whether or not they fit your culture. Whether you’re looking to source a technical partner at the start-up or enterprise level, talented development teams can be found all around the world.

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