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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in the Market

Cryptocurrency is internet based digital alternative to traditional currency. Cryptocurrency offers faster and limitless transfer of ownership. It is a better alternative and is more convenient than regular currency and credit/debit cards as it offers better security and privacy due to enhanced cryptography to prevent theft from online [...]

6 Min Read

The Road to Intelligent Automation

Almost every industrial sector these days has implemented and transformed its growth by adopting the way of modern “intelligence”. So, what is this intelligent automation? What was the need to append it to the existing systems? What values does it add to the industry? And how its assimilation to the mundane tasks would bring about an [...]

4 Min Read

How is IoT Paving The Way for the Future

As the tech world is moving towards the cloud, it’s hard to imagine it functioning without IoT. And as we indulge ourselves in our devices and pour large amounts of data in this enormous mesh called IoT, it has swelled up to gigantic proportions. Such a huge system demands an extensive amount of technology and skills in order to sustain [...]

6 Min Read

5 Must Have Wearables

Gone are the days when imagining anything like mini computers was just a concept conceived in high profile research labs. Wearable technology is a perfect example of how technology in today’s world has assimilated in our regular lifestyle. Its use goes far beyond just information exchange. It has now altered the very way we lead our [...]

6 Min Read

5 Ways to Hack-proof Your Startup

Cyber attacks are no news to us. Big corporations flush out billions of dollars on neutralizing this threat, yet each year the victim list just keeps increasing. Even so, while planning from product launches to effective marketing to the next iteration, security takes a backseat. According to Forbes, around 30,000 websites are hacked [...]

7 Min Read

A Startup’s Guide to Wireframes

Building a new website? Planning to launch another app? If you are flooded with creative ideas at the moment and are eager to start with the design process, hold on. Going ahead without a structure to base your thoughts on is a disaster waiting to happen. Get to wireframing your idea. Wireframes are simple black and white layouts that [...]

14 Min Read