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How to Not Get Left Behind with the Latest iOS Updates?

If you’re building an iOS app, you probably know how challenging it can get to keep up with latest iOS updates. Apple makes carefully planned moves. First it introduced the auto-layout, then the large screen and now the two-factor authentication. So when Apple doubles down on technology, you better pay attention. Imagine this, your app [...]

5 Min Read

Innovation in Hotel: How IoT improves Hospitality

How IoT works? Internet of Things has varied applications and use cases. Hotels can use this technology to provide integrated services like tablet controlled devices and automatic triggers like room curtains opening when guests walk in. IoT can be used to enhance in-room experiences and also to create interactive features at common [...]

6 Min Read

8 High Performance Apps You Never Knew Were Hybrid

The ‘hybrid vs native’ debate has been going on for a while but we may finally have a verdict. Some of the topmost brands have recently ditched native and gone the hybrid way. With the new hybrid frameworks like Ionic, Phonegap etc becoming more mature, one cannot assume that hybrid apps perform worse anymore. In fact, a [...]

6 Min Read

Don’t Miss! 6 Must-Have Location Based Apps

Geolocation apps are the next frontier in mobile technology – not anymore! The implementation of location based tracking in mobile apps has come a long way since the early days of Google Maps, when 70% consumers had no idea what these apps were. Today these applications help leading coffee chains serve customers better, aid universities [...]

9 Min Read

10 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Apple Watch [List]

The wearables are easily the next big thing in consumer technology today. Although, yet to reach its full potential, the wearables market received a big boost last month with the flamboyant entry of Apple Watch. At the ongoing World Wide Developer’s Conference, the wearable trend will take a giant leap as Apple unveils new frontiers of [...]

10 Min Read

9 Innovative Mobile Apps You’d Love to Know About

This post rounds up the 9 most innovative mobile apps which are benefiting consumers with new levels of convenience, value and functionality. 1. Be My Eyes If we were to name a few powerful apps actually improving people’s life in meaningful ways, Be My Eyeswould top the list. This micro-volunteering app connects blind people with [...]

5 Min Read