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Don’t Miss! 6 Must-Have Location Based Apps

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

Geolocation apps are the next frontier in mobile technology – not anymore! The implementation of location based tracking in mobile apps has come a long way since the early days of Google Maps, when 70% consumers had no idea what these apps were.

Today these applications help leading coffee chains serve customers better, aid universities to build relationswith prospective students and safeguard 87% of teens by sharing their locations with family and friends. What’s more – these apps are now helping users interact with objects indoors. According to a 2014 report byABI Research, approximately 30,000 sites across various industries have already installed indoor location projects.

While location tracking continues to make a big impact on how businesses market and operate, we attempt to explore more about the applications which are proving life altering for consumers. Listed below are 6 location based apps which are helping consumers make the most of location innovation.


FourSquare has reinvented local search and discovery, taking it to a whole new level. This app provides personalized search experience to its users based on the places they go, things they like, and people whose advice they trust the most. Based on these aspects the application suggests the perfect places to visit around users’ current location.Today, more than 55 million people and nearly 2 million businesses are using Foursquare.

Source: iClarifed

Source: Huffpost


What’s Up: FourSquare has recently partnered with Uber. Now users can directly book a cab from within the FourSquare app.

Google Now

And you thought Google Now is just another feature for Google Search? That’s not all. This intelligent personal assistant by Google answers your questions, makes recommendations and performs various actions by using a natural language user interface.

Source: EK

Source: Zdnet


There’s a lot more Google Now can do. Read more about its amazing features here.

What’s Up: At a recent event in Paris, Google announced a Location Aware Feature for Google Now which’ll make it more useful than ever before.


MapMyFitness is a location tracking app which aims to make you fitter. This mobile app uses GPS technology enabling cyclists, runners and walkers to map and track their workout and record details like distance, duration, speed, pace, elevation, and calories burned. Further, users can access a searchable database to look up routes, access online training tools and fetch details about various fitness events.

Source: Google Play Store


What’s Up: MapMyFitness recently released a report listing most active states in USA. Find out if your state is one of them.


Life360 is a networking app helping millions of families and friends stay connected. Using this location based service, family members can share their location with one another, stay updated with the centralized notification center and communicate using group chat or private messaging. The app is currently being used by 50 Million families across the globe.

Source: Android Authority


What’s Up: Life360 just won a patent war against AGIS. Find out more details here.


GasBuddy helps people find and track the cheapest gas station in their vicinity based on their current location. Using this app motorists can update gas prices for various gas stations on regular basis and win points. These points make them eligible for prizes like free gas!

Source: BerryReview

Source: The Riding Obsession


What’s Up: GasBuddy has released a report recently which indicates that Pennsylvania might get the much-needed respite from rising gas prices soon.


Ingress is an augmented reality multiplayer game designed by Google startup Niantic Labs. But it is more than just a game. With a complex sci-fi story building in the back drop, the aim of this GPS enabled gaming app is to establish portals at places of cultural significance such as monuments, landmarks, public art etc. and linking them to create control fields. Role play lies at the heart of this game.

Source: Android Headlines

Source: Social Media Week

Features: Learn all about Ingress through this interactive video.

What’s Up: Ingress now supports Android Wear.

Location sharing is making the world a smarter place, so much so that even Google has included a location aware feature in its search app. 

What are your thoughts about this emerging technology? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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