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Innovation in Hotel: How IoT improves Hospitality

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

How IoT works?

Internet of Things has varied applications and use cases. Hotels can use this technology to provide integrated services like tablet controlled devices and automatic triggers like room curtains opening when guests walk in. IoT can be used to enhance in-room experiences and also to create interactive features at common areas.

Tablets / App Based In-Room Features

In-Room Experiences

Hi-Tech Hotel Room

Hi-Tech Hotel Room with automatically controlled curtains, temperature etc.

Room Service Improvements

Digital Buttons behind Beds in Hotels

Digital Buttons behind Beds to Control Devices, Call Room Service etc.

Interactive Gadgets

IoT Across The Hotel

Benefits of IoT in Hotels

Benefits to customers: Guests get the convenience of managing most of their hotel experience from one device. Also the experience is fun and futuristic.

Benefits to hotel: These technologies help hotels to offer better in-room service and experience. Digital tracking and interactivity enables better customer profiling. It also allows for customized services for each customer and thus earning their loyalties. Hotels also get noticed as modern and innovative, and guests are more likely to share their experience with their friends. As the resources (like room heating) are automatically managed and optimized as per requirements, there is a noticeable energy savings for hotels. Integration of gadgets management into an app enables guests to rely less on hotel staff, which reduces the human workload. Early adopters of this technology will also get a definite competitive edge

Basic Tech Details

Hardware: Tablet, smartphones, IoT supporting gadgets, connectivity hub

Software: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile

Technology: Wifi, Bluetooth, Beacon

Part of customer journey: In hotel experience, from in-room facilities to Internet of Things based features across the hotel.

Hotels that are doing this

Aria Hotel’s in-room technology

The Chedi’s Grand Deluxe room features

Mondrian SoHo Hotel puts iPad in every room

The Torch Doha’s luxury rooms

Plaza Hotel’s in-room iPad features

CitizenM Hotel room controls

iPad experience at The Marlin Hotel


More information


Microsoft’s blog post about hotels using technological innovations to improve customer experience

Infosys talks about Internet of Things based features in hotels and airline travel

An overview of technological advancements by luxury hotels

5 things that you should know about the in-room iPads

How Ayla Networks is using WeChat to redefine hotel rooms


Quick look at Aria Hotel’s IoT driven in-room technology

A glimpse at the smart hotel room of the future

In-room experience at Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

Functionalities of CitizenM Hotel’s iPad controlled room technology

Hotel Room Automation at The Montage Deer Valley

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  • TheInternetOfThings
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    TheInternetOfThings TheInternetOfThings

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    Many hospitality venues, namely hotels are already using an early variant of IoT whether they are aware of it or not. They likely have the connectivity and consistently scaling the bandwidth for business users. What they do not have are the applications, sensors, the analytics, devices and integration to make it all work. Some are down the path with security and surveillance and digital signage. Please note: just because you have CCTV for security and some monitors playing a video loop for signage, this is not the Internet of Things. IoT enablement utilizes a multitude of new technology in the processors to connect these devices intelligently. Technology such as Intel WiDi as an example for connecting screens without cables, etc…its more than cables. You are right, it is about using IoT to create an experience for your client. An experience note worthy of a return visit, possibly even a “word of mouth” referral. Hospitality firms must improve on the capability of connecting systems of record to systems of engagement to create a differentiating experience. Hospitality firms, specifically hotels must leverage IoT to attract new customers, namely Generation z. Gen z as they have come to be known will not question whether you have an IoT capable hotel. They inherently expect it. They do not know what it is like to not be completely immersed in technology and the Internet not to mention “all of the things”. Gen z is unique simply because they voted with their mobile devices and I do mean their wallets, literally!

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