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Don't Sit On Your Ideas…

Don't Sit On Your Ideas…


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10 Tips To Make The Next Great App

In a world, thriving with the power of IoT and wearables, we see countless new apps surfacing every now and then. With such a huge number to compete against, it takes great strategy and thinking to position your own app in the market and stay relevant. For this reason, here are some tips on how to get started with your app: Compatibility [...]

10 Min Read

How to Keep Up with Android Updates?

Let’s admit it, Android updates are unpredictable and messy. So, as an Android app developer, keeping with Android updates in its large unfragmented market is a big challenge. Google has no direct control over its firmware. As soon as OEMs get hold of a new Android OS, they tweak it to fit their respective products and then the final [...]

6 Min Read