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The Dawn of Intelligent Personal Assistants

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

When we think of a “smart” device, we are actually referring to its Intelligent Personal Assistant. What started as a possibility of AI has actively become the selling feature of technology these days. Be it “Jarvis” from the movies or Siri on our iPhones, it is the trend that will define and dominate the technology to come. From understanding the content to the context, deriving information from every day lives to deep learning for a more humanistic approach, these digital assistants have come a long way and have still to grow.

An Intelligent Personal Assistant can be described as an AI enabled software agent with the ability to process instructions, access information actively from the web, perform tasks on user’s behalf like: reading content from messages, writing messages/emails, place phone calls, play media, set reminders, alarms, calendar events etc. These are mostly voice activated and are put by tech companies into various products nowadays.

According to Derek Top, the director of research at Opus Research, “The tech companies have realized that there is great value to be derived in collecting and aggregating customer input and they no longer care whether it is spoken initially or in the form of text.” Let’s have a look at the most popular Intelligent Personal Assistants we’ve had till date:

The market for such intelligent assistants is surely heating up, with big brands and researches focused on developing the most user friendly and result oriented intelligent software. Other honorable mentions include – Ivona, Blackberry Assistant, Braina, Hound, Nina, SILVIA, Aido, Ubi, Mycroft etc. With so many innovations going on in this field, it sure sounds like prelude to the future where instructing a machine would be as easy as talking to an actual person. As the world is moving towards the cloud and with the evolution of smartphones and devices, these intelligent personal assistants will surely be a great help in managing things and getting instant information.

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