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VenturePact Co-founder Visits Eastern Europe

Pratham MittalPratham Mittal

With a growing tech scene, Romania and Bulgaria offer the perfect opportunity for VenturePact to meet local technical universities, understand their strengths and weaknesses and scout for great software development teams within the region. They met with a variety of development firms including backend firms with phenomenal architects, gaming specialists, mobile teams and  data science firms.

The high point of the trip, however, was attending the Silicon Drinkabout and the Startup Weekend in Sofia. Silicon Drinkabout is a meetup for tech entrepreneurs, giving them a forum to discuss ideas in a relaxing after-work environment over drinks.

Randy Rayess said, “I really enjoyed the event, and learned more about the city from Nikola Yanev, the founder of I was glad to see that many of the leaders in the tech community in Sofia were focused on growing the local tech scene. The organizer Stoyan Angelov, did a great job organizing the event and showing us around the city.”

The Startup Weekend, on the other hand, is organized in more than 120 countries around the world. This non-profit organization brings together active entrepreneurs with the aim of empowering them. Conducted over a weekend, the workshop facilitates brainstorming, exchange of ideas, and business model creation, among other things.

This is what Randy had to say about his experience at Startup Weekend Sofia, “As with any hackathon or startup weekend, its always a great time to meet talented and passionate leaders. I was impressed with one of the startups there called imagga that was doing great work in computer vision.”

When he wasn’t busy meeting passionate visionaries, Randy was soaking in the local flavors of these beautiful countries. From being taken for a ride (both literally and metaphorically) by a cunning taxi driver to visiting the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest – the second biggest government building in the world – to taking a tour of Unirii Square and Lipscani, Randy’s journey through Romania and Bulgaria was not just fruitful, but also exciting.

Pratham Mittal is a Co-Founder at VenturePact and an angel Investor to B2B tech start-ups. He is passionate about globalization, outsourcing, and technology.