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5 Smart Ways to Convince your CEO to Go Mobile

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

A common (and surprising) complaint I have been hearing is the difficulty CIOs and CTOs face in persuading CEOs to extend their business to mobile platforms. Today the mobile revolution seems to be pretty obvious just by looking at Apple’s performance. However, I realized that some are still reluctant to change their success formula.

To help out CIOs and CTOs who face this problem, I have listed 5 factors that should hopefully convince CEOs of the immense business opportunities in mobile platforms.

  1. Numbers don’t lie

Are you aware that the mobile device market has already exceeded desktop numbers? One reason is the soaring demand curve for mobile devices. On the other hand, computers sales have been steadily declining for the last few years. So you need to embrace online businesses inevitable transition from personal computers to mobile devices.


  1. Next level of communication

Every business dreams of having two-way communication with their customers. Mobile devices are pushing the boundaries even further especially with social tools like twitter, Periscope and SnapChat. Real time feedback, personalized connections and instant surveys literally take a couple quick taps on mobile phones. Moreover, there is no need to wait for customers to get back to their desks; you can talk to them anywhere, including the critical point of sale.


  1. New ways to interact

As mobile technology is evolving, we are finding newer ways to interact. Apple recently updated touch screens with force touch. Voice assistants are getting smarter, wearable devices have gained interest, fingerprint technology has become a lot better and new payment methods like Apple Pay are available. All these advancements have significant business applications. It’s important to be proactive and be a company that innovates instead of waiting for your industry to change dramatically and then reacting.


  1. Easier and personalized information

Customer information is invaluable for every business. Traditional data collection tools include surveys, cold calls, and door-to-door visits. Apart from being tedious, these methods carry a fundamental limitation – you have to wait for customers to fill these out. Mobile platforms have crossed this hurdle.

On a basic level, data sharing through mobile devices on social media is pure gold. But it can get much better. If you offer good products or exceptional service experience on mobile phones, people will happily sign up, share social profiles, and permit access to unique information like location tracking.

Source: ComScore Media Metrix

  1. New advertising avenues

Another big advantage of mobile platforms is the new advertising opportunities they bring. I am not just talking about personalized ads; it’s also the ability to showcase those ads at specific locations and predefined times with technologies like ibeacon. That’s customization like never before! Smart companies can also use sensors like GPS trackers, accelerometers to come up with innovative campaigns on their apps. You may also leverage social sharing and geo tagging for interactive campaigns.


I am hopeful that these unique benefits persuade you to extend your business to mobile and optimize your customers’ mobile experience. Even if you are not convinced, you cannot avoid the platform altogether.

Google’s latest search algorithm update (released on 21st April 2015) clearly states that businesses with mobile versions of their website will get preference on search results. So, at the very least, you need a mobile presence to stay in Google’s good books.

I hope the advantages and opportunities are clear. It’s 2015 and at this point you are already behind so it’s best to move quickly and start optimizing your mobile experience.

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CoFounder at VenturePact Passionate about software, marketplace startups & remote work. Previously at SilverLake Partners, Ampush and Wharton.