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All Geared Up – Team of UPenn Students Visit VenturePact NY Office

Randy RayessRandy Rayess

A bunch of tech enthusiasts from the University of Pennsylvania visited VenturePact’s New York office on February 6th and what unfolded was a great 2-hour long discussion about technology, startups, jobs and a lot more.

As a part of the Penn Tech Trek, 8 students from UPenn visited technology companies in New York including Facebook, Flatiron health and VenturePact. These young minds were here to discuss various aspects of entrepreneurship, software development, hiring, and internships with the founders.

During the course of the discussion students brought to the table their questions and concerns about choosing the right internship and in turn, going down the right career path. They also discussed the startup scene in New York and the fun, yet challenging, entrepreneurial journey.

“It was great having Penn students and young entrepreneurs over at the office. They were curious to know how VenturePact started, how things shaped and how it scaled, and we were glad to share the story with them! They also spoke to us about ideas they were working on and challenges they were facing”, said Randy Rayess, who seemed elated after the chat session.

The students seemed to have done their homework well. They asked Randy questions about his recent features in The Huffington Post and Forbes, which talked about finding the right internships and firm to work with. Randy explained to them about the four things they should look for when choosing a company to work with – a talented team, challenging role, passion and promise. “If a job or business idea gives you all of these 4, its best to go ahead with it. At the end of the day, it’s about the opportunity to learn”, said Randy, while discussing his articles with the students.

Pratham and Randy also spilled the beans about their college life and told students interesting stories about life at Wharton and their journey from being students to being entrepreneurs. “It was great having Penn students over, and quite refreshing. The students brought with them some great thoughts and ideas which spoke in great length about their passion for technology and entrepreneurship. We would love to have them over again” said Pratham Mittal towards the end of the session.ME MORE!

CoFounder at VenturePact Passionate about software, marketplace startups & remote work. Previously at SilverLake Partners, Ampush and Wharton.