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3 Reasons Why Virtual Reality will Kill the Office

After Facebook bought Oculus Rift, many people got excited about the prospect of virtual reality. We all spoke about how gaming would change as this technology develops. Virtual reality though will soon outgrow gaming consoles and impact the workplace. At VenturePact, we are a remote company that works with many remote software [...]

7 Min Read

5 Companies that Develop Great Mobile Apps

Finding the right mobile development partner can be a challenge, especially when you’re building an app for the first time. Here is a list of top 5 mobile app development firms verified by VenturePact that build great mobile applications. Jera Design Jera specializes in developing computer vision apps for the iOS platform (iphone [...]

3 Min Read

10 Biggest Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

If you are planning to develop an app, your focus should be more on ‘what not to do’ than on ‘what to do’. There are several challenges faced by developers every time they start working on a new mobile app.  In this post, we highlight the 10 biggest challenges and how you can overcome them. 1. Creating Apps which Get Noticed: There’s [...]

12 Min Read