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Challenges You Have to Face While Creating Your Coffee Shop App – Guest Blog

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With so many people who value the benefits of caffeine especially in the wee hours of the morning, it is not surprising that there are 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed in the world every single day. Today, coffee is the next most traded commodity next to oil.

With this rampant rate of coffee consumption, it is not surprising that there are almost 35,000 coffee shops in the US alone. If you happen to be a coffee shop owner, then you must begin leveraging technology to get a step ahead of your competitors. You can start by creating an app to serve your customers. However, don’t make a mistake of thinking this is an easy task. Consider the following challenges you must successfully address when creating your coffee shop app.

Screenshots of Coffee Shop App


Iron Out the Issue of Waiting – In this modern-day and age where people are spoiled by technology, most suffer from diminished attention span. Your customers like instant service so they can get on with their busy lives. One thing that customers hate the most is waiting. If you want to keep your clients to continue ordering from your cafe, make sure that your app has a pre-ordering system.

Find a Solution For Cashless Transactions – People no longer prefer cash transactions. It happens to be one of the most common ways to transmit germs. Because of this, your people today prefer a cashless system. They want to pay with their credit cards or e-wallets. Your app must come with a flexible payment system if you aim to keep your clients happy.

Fix the Problem of Finding Your Cafe – You may have the best coffee shop in the world that sells the richest espresso and the most delectable iced mocha, but if your clients cannot find you, all your efforts are wasted. Your apps must include a location feature that will show your clients how to get to your cafe. It is not enough for them to know your address, but your app must teach them how to get there based on where they are coming from.

Screenshot of Coffee Shop Locator


Figure Out the Target Audience – For a truly successful app, you have to figure out who your target audience is because you need to craft marketing plans and gimmicks to hook this crowd. Carefully analyze who will be using your app. What is your clients’ demographic? You must figure out the answers to this challenge because your content will be based on this data. If you aim to increase your sales, highlighting the benefits of caffeine in an easily understandable way will help you boost your sales. If your clients understand the perks of buying your coffee, they will be more inclined to keep on coming back.

Address the Lack of Information Benefits – Your app must be loaded with information; otherwise, what would be the point of downloading it? You must include all of your company information, especially how you got your start in the industry. There must be a special section for your latest updates, so your clients can see what they can look forward to. Aside from that, you must incorporate a detailed price guide, the delivery information, the rewards/ club card details, calorie count, other nutritional info, and the like.

Final Word – Apart from a caffeine craze, the people of the modern world are also obsessed with their mobile devices. Right now, almost five billion people own a smartphone and/ or tablet, which are loaded with various apps. If you want to tap your local coffeeholic crowd, then it is time to get with the program and make an app for your cafe. Optimize technology so you can rise above your competitors.

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