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Don't Sit On Your Ideas…


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3D Printing and the Changing World

In the recent years, we’ve seen a growing trend about the possibilities of 3D printing. It sure is intriguing to imagine how technology can produce the desired products and even its raw materials. This has garnered much attention and enthusiasm from scientists and common people alike. But what makes 3D printing such an exciting venture? [...]

8 Min Read

Let’s Talk Allo!

It’s been awhile since messenger apps came into existence and changed the way we communicated forever. Not only did they make communication faster but equally engaging to use. The latest name to be added to the name of messenger apps is Google Allo which was launched fairly recently on September 21, 2016. It has been launched for both [...]

5 Min Read

How to Keep Up with Android Updates?

Let’s admit it, Android updates are unpredictable and messy. So, as an Android app developer, keeping with Android updates in its large unfragmented market is a big challenge. Google has no direct control over its firmware. As soon as OEMs get hold of a new Android OS, they tweak it to fit their respective products and then the final [...]

6 Min Read