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Don't Sit On Your Ideas…

Don't Sit On Your Ideas…

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Meet The VenturePact Founders

VenturePact was founded by Randy Rayess and Pratham Mittal to help accelerate businesses, connecting them with development firms that best suit their needs. Today, the VenturePact marketplace works with over a hundred great firms, but boosts a humble beginning. Randy & Pratham share their advice on building a business, overcoming hurdles, [...]

Why Doesn’t Have Any US Engineers?

ab, a successful e-commerce company has a billion dollar valuation, over 15 million members and processes over $250 million in online transactions — all without a single engineer in their NYC headquarters. How do they do it? Fab founder, Jason Goldberg worked with a development firm called True Sparrow in Pune, India for his previous [...]

Why Did NYC DevShop Partner With VenturePact?

Community Post by Jesse Podell – COO of NYC DevShop Finding a firm to help you build the initial version of your startup, or do some agency work for your existing platform is a really challenging process- even here in a city so crowded you literally can’t move your arms on the subway sometimes (I speak of the Big Apple, where my firm [...]